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Be an agent

Who is an Agent

  1. We have a dream to minimize the job problem of India espicially in Assam by creating job opportunities for Computer Science as well as other disciplines.
  2. Due to this we, the WTF come up with the "Be an Agent" program.
  3. The agent, will be the one, who will search IT projects for us.
  4. An agent, can be anyone from any background, IT or non-IT

What you have to do

  1. Find a client.
  2. Collect his requirements.
  3. Estimate the cost, with the client.
  4. Then write back to us.
  5. Once we approve a project and the project starts, the role of the agent is done then we will directly contact the client for any further technical requirements.

How the agent get benifitted

  1. When the chosen client pays, we will pay the agent 15% of the project price.
  2. The more project agent find, the agent will get 15% for each individual project.
  3. For example, if the project cost estimated by the agent and the client is 10,000. We will pay the agent 1500. ie 15% of 10000.
  4. Suppose the project price is 10000 and the client pays 5000 as first installment, the agent will get 750 i.e 15% of 5000. When the customer will pay the next installment, then only the agent will get the rest of the payment.

How to contact us regarding a project

  1. Firstly, mail your details to "agents@wtf.ind.in" ie. Full Name, address, contact details.
  2. We will save your details.
  3. When you get an IT project from a client, mail to us at "agents@wtf.ind.in", we will get back to you.